Monthly Archives: Jul 2012

Rules to Live By!


  1. I recognize that only by being aware in the present moment will I know which kind of kind to be and so acknowledge that the path of mindfulness-awareness and the path of kindness are inseparable.
  2. I will exhibit extreme good manners, even when no one is watching. Good manners include (but are not limited to) qualities such as friendliness, generosity, patience, discipline, respect, discernment, dressing appropriately, and always, always cleaning up after myself.
  3. When encountering those who disagree with me I will continue to view and treat them as human, no matter how barbaric or threatening I find them to be.
  4. I will practice speaking clearly, honestly, and skillfully, which also means knowing when to shut up. When others are speaking, I will not use that time to think of what I will say next, but will instead give myself over to listening completely, fully, and properly.
  5. I acknowledge that love is the most important thing in life and vow to give my heart away at the slightest provocation.