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What is Life?


I came across these words and think they describe life’s many rollercoaster rides.
What is Life? – Anonymous

Life is a Challenge…Meet it
Life is a Gift…Embrace it
Life is an Adventure…Dare it
Life is a Sorrow…Overcome it
Life is a Tragedy…Face it
Life is a Duty…Perform it
Life is Game…Play it
Life is a Mystery…Unfold it
Life is an Opportunity…Take it
Life is a Promise…Fulfil it
Life is a Struggle…Fight it
Life is a Goal…Achieve it
Life is a Puzzle…Solve it
Life is a Love…
Love it
Live it
Enjoy it
Share it
And let your Light shine!

We spend a great deal of our lives minimising ourselves and the positive effect we have on the world.

2012 is a good year to start focusing on the positives instead of the negatives.